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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Container Art

Without my realizing it, I’ve become a stalker. I go to visit the object of my affection about once a-week. I try to grab a peek as I’m going by on the bus and I take photos in all seasons. Of all the planters visible on the streets of NYC these are by far my favorites. They are redone completely three or four times a year; in the interim when they get sad looking, plant material is removed or added. There are two window boxes and some built-in concrete planters about 12” H x 12” W that flank the flight of stairs to the entrance of the building. I’m enthralled with the color and texture, individual plants that are slightly unusual, and combinations that surprise. I go to see what ideas I can steal for my own garden because these are truly inspirational.

In a city where we may not have a garden of our own, why not enjoy the borrowed scenery of others’ gardens? As I stop each season to take pictures, passersby approach me to share their own delight.

I finally walk up and open the imposing front door to the Orthodox Greek Archdiocese office on 79th St. between 5th and Madison to discover the name of the artist who designs and installs the plants. He is Evan Denis, a third generation florist, as he calls himself, who no longer has a shop but works for clients doing floral design, events, traditional florist stuff as well as designing terraces and containers.
Visit Evan Denis at: www.evandenisflorist.com. or after you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, walk three and-a-half blocks south and see what another artist does with his palette.


Anonymous said...

You two are off to a good start here.
I subscribed in Google reader and look forward to keeping up to date with NY gardening.
Can't wait to see what you are up to, even though I'm reading from the middle of the country.

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Welcome, Martha. Real Americans in big cities NEED gardens as much, or maybe even more, than gardeners in small towns and suburbs. So Ellen Z. and I will be hunting for unusual opportunities.
Excuse me now. I have to go water my windowsill bog garden of carnivorous plants and the seedlings of Sensitive Plant (Mimosa podica)that I just started in my home office.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Welcome to the blogging world you two. Your site looks fabulous, and I'm thrilled that you will give up bytes from the Big Apple.

Great information!~~Dee

Anonymous said...

What FUN to discover fellow garden writers and their blog....I really have enjoyed your wonderful topics thusfar! I encourage you to both come to visit me too - either at http://penngardener.blogspot.com/
or www.cottagegardencompanion.com
Ellen, you came to talk to our Garden Club (Penn-Cumberland) in central PA a couple years ago. You have a wealth of knowledge to share. ...and I'll add your blog to my favorites. xxx Jane Johnson

Wicked Gardener said...

Wow -those are stunning. Very festive looking too.

Anonymous said...

Just FABulous, Ellen! The more beautiful examples of what people can do to garden their entrances, windows, and street tree beds the better!

I heard about your (GREAT!) blog via Lo-Hud's Garden reporter Bill Cary who covered two gardening events I ran this year.


Ellen Spector Platt said...

Hi Barbara, loved your visit and your work at Pier 84 along the Hudson.

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