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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


When I hung out of my office window clutching my Canon Rebel EOS, I could grab a shot of the climbing 'New Dawn' rose draping the balcony across the street. Granted 'New Dawn' blooms for about three weeks in June, then never again that year, but the sight was so lovely it inspired me to plant my own in my all container garden on our 18th floor. I intermingled it with
a small bell-shaped
Clematis integrifolia
'Rooguchi' that used
the rose canes for its
personal trellis.(double
click on the image to
enlarge the Clematis)
Then in spring of 2009
I looked across 80th St.
with great dismay. The
owners of the terrace
garden had removed
the rose WITHOUT MY
borrowed scenery, not
just their garden. Don't
I get a say? This spring
their terrace had a few
small trees and some
splotches of crimson
that looked like geran-
FOR THAT. Isn't this a democracy? I propose that if I have to look at the garden daily and it's my only view, I should have a voice. Do you agree, or will this issue just go the way of term limits for Mayors in the city of New York?


Ellen Zachos said...

Canvas the neighborhood! Circulate a petition! Hang a banner out your window! You've been robbed of your borrowed scenery and I empathize.

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Other Ellen, I know I can always count on your support and I'm grateful. esp

Shady Gardener said...

Isn't it wonderful that you have been inspired to do something wonderful for them?? (Or whoever is over there!) Here's hoping they do something even better this coming year. :-)

Frank said...

Have a say! Put a sign up saying the rose was much much better for everyone involved!

Katahy Gehrt said...

There should be a law! Two years ago, my new neighbors decide to remove 2 tall (50 feet) Douglas Firs. For years I longed for more sunshine in my garden. Just before the trees were removed, I'd given up my sun lust, and installed a shade garden. Even with the new brighter light, my garden has survived. Still, what a crime to remove these majestic trees.

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Kathy, Even the great state of Washington has neighbor/gardening issues? I thought you all played nice out there.esp

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