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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Central Park Rocks

The streets of New York City were quiet this morning, almost deserted, as obedient New Yorkers (!?!) listened to reason and stayed home from work in anticipation of The Blizzard of 2010. Oh please. I'm not bragging, but when you grow up in New Hampshire you have perspective: if the snowbank isn't over your head, it's a school day.

As soon as I entered Central Park, everything changed. THAT'S where all the action was.

The dogs!

The kids!

The snowmen!

On the walk west the scene was pretty but not treacherous.

On the way back east, four hours later, the accumulation was more impressive.

But what TRULY impressed me were the kids.

Mobs of them, with sleds, cardboard boxes, saucers, and all of them screaming (the kids, not the sleds). But basically they were behaving really REALLY well. No snowballs thrown too hard, no crashing into each other (well, a little crashing, but it was controlled crashing), and no meanness. The mood was one of jollity, astonishment, and delight. It made me smile all the way home.

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Shady Gardener said...

Me, too! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

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