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Monday, May 24, 2010


All images were taken at the Peggy Rockefeller rose garden at the NYBG. Double click on any image to enlarge.

If you you're lucky enough to live in, or visit New York City, you have a fabulous opportunity to learn about growing roses sustainably and meet world renowned rose experts who will tell and show you how. On Sat. June 12th the Great Rosarians of the World-East conference will be held at the NYBotanical garden; on Sun. June 13th the conference moves to the Queens Botanical Garden.
(above, standard floribunda 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' and hybrid tea 'Folklore')

The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the NYBG will be honored with the Rose Garden Hall of Fame award and its Curator, Peter Kukeilski will be part of a panel discussing sustainability.
David Austin, hybridizer of delightful English roses like 'Pat Austin' below, will be presented with the Great Rosarian of the World award.Following the daylong lectures and panel discussions, enjoy a reception in the rose garden with a jazz trio Parlor Entertainment.

The Sunday program in Queens includes a tour of the rose garden with Curator Karl McCoy. Karl will highlight his installation of more than 30 hybrid teas that he's testing for sustainability.
Click here to learn all the details and to register at NYBG and/or at Queens. I'LL SEE YOU THERE.
above, the climber 'Dortmund' at the NYBG.

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