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Saturday, July 31, 2010


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6:30 a.m. Thursday I strolled down my block, garden gloves in my pocket, looking for coleus flowers to nip. My local block association wanted to plant coleus and petunias in every treewell this year, and I volunteered for the nipping job during the growing season. At the end of the block, a nice pair of men's shoes rested among the coleus. This tree was in front of the laundry/dry cleaners. No one walking their dog or leaving for work seemed concerned.The shoes were gone by the next day.
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Additional Facts1.At the other end of the block, one of the treewells that I planted (now sans tree) is growing well without a pair of black shoes.2. Directly across the street from the black-shoe -treewell, next to a RightAide, the rats have taken over the territory.3.Where someone has cared enough to water the plants in front of their building the coleus looks as it was meant to.
4. Where no one has watered during one of the hottest, driest July's on record, the plants look like this.
5. Of course I HATE to brag, but.....mine.


meemsnyc said...

Haha, that's what I love about NYC. You always can find a whole lot of odd things that seem normal. Maybe someone decided they wanted to walk barefoot for awhile? LOL. Although, I would never on city sidewalks!

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Posted om behalf of Austin '01

A gentleman picked up his suit to wear to an important interview. He decided to wear his cordovan shoes not his black ones. He put the cordovan’s on and left the black pair to be picked up after his interview.

Cynthia Joseph said...

This could be the following Turkish tradition: When someone dies, the family immediately places his/her shoes outside the front door. They disappear immediately. Just think about it.

Cynthia Joseph said...
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cindy said...

It's so much easier to climb quietly up to a ladyfriend's apartment without one's shoes....

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