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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside.

Yeah, yeah, it's cold. Everytime someone complains to me about the weather I remind them that I'm the one who works outdoors. That's a conversation stopper. Because I do this for a living, I know how to bundle up. Layers galore. And this year I have a secret weapon: a truffle.

"What's that?" you ask. It's short for butt ruffle and it keeps one particular part of the body nice and toasty.

Bending over, mulching someone's back yard garden, rear end pointed up in the air, unprotected by your jacket? Wear a truffle.

Reaching above your head, attaching evergreen garlands to doorways and railings, creating an exposure gap between jackets and pants? You need a truffle.

Maybe just walking around NYC where the wind has no mercy? A truffle is good for what ails you.

Knitting is a popular sport these days, but it isn't one of mine. Fortunately, friend Sara (creator of the truffle and fellow gardener) knows me well enough to choose the perfect wool for yours truly: green, brown, and no itchy wool!

Half shawl, half wrap-around skirt, the truffle is a gardener's dream. I expect to wear it daily between now and next April.

There are still 10 days till Christmas. Get out your knitting needles and make your favorite gardener happy. Keep her butt warm!


meemsnyc said...

I've never heard of a truffle before. What an awesome idea.

cindy said...

PAtent it, quick, sarah! gorgeous!

Garden Glamour said...

Ruffles and Gardening -- Very glamorous! And thank you for the seeds. Got them yesterday.

SaraGardens said...

Wow, it looks terrific on you! So glad it's doing the main job, and - yes, you look, um, hot... or at least not freezing.

I might add, as a fellow New Englander, I know you're not a cold-weather wimp. And yesterday was really cold, not just mid-Atlantic cold.

Knitting turns out to slot nicely into the non-gardening time of year, btw...

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