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Saturday, February 19, 2011


On Park Avenue New York City, from 67th Street to 57th St. roses are in full bloom since January.So are the bugs...and thorns.Artist Will Ryman constructed his rose garden from stainless steel, fiberglass, marine paint and brass.They'll remain in place through May according to the NYC Parks Dept.
Just wondering, what will happen to the tulips beneath which are always planted in fall and burst into bloom in May?Did someone plan the colors of the tulips this year to compliment the roses?Thirty eight roses ranging from three to twenty five feet tall.Yet I'm more attracted to the bugs, both beneficial...and maybe not so much.Sixty fallen petals, can be used as chairs, though the day I took these images, temperature 26F, wind chill minus a thousand, not too many wanted to lounge around. I wished I would have shot in the snow. I went to this exhibit merely to report but came away a believer, just as I had scoffed about The Gates in Central Park before I got involved in the fun. For sheer playfulness, The Roses is a winner.


Unknown said...

Ok, I was all set to be snarky but when you said that about the gates I decided to go look in person. I loved those gates and if the roses are half as much fun, it will be worth the walk.

Urban Gardens said...

I really enjoyed these, both in person, and in your post. Gee, wonder if there are plans for fiberglass tulips in the spring...!

meemsnyc said...

i love the sculptures. Very cool installations of public art!

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