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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No words needed

I think these photos say it all, but what the hell, I'll give you a few captions.

Auer's handled the rigging and craning. They did a great job.
Trees are lashed to dollies so they can be rolled once inside the apartment.

Burlap and plastic protect the tree trunk
where the rigging rope might damage it.

Each one weighs 700 lbs. and is 14 - 16 feet tall.

Getting it up the last flight was the hardest part. Seven very strong, very determined men heaved and pulled it up a wicked steep ramp (below). If I spoke Polish I would have thanked them appropriately.
Fortunately my pantomime is pretty fluent.

I cut away the burlap and wire cages.

Thank you Marie and Vince (above), and Mimi (below, in red).


Anonymous said...

a word: wow!

- Georgia

Zoe said...

wow, again! what a fun post - i have always wondered how those things got up there.

Diane said...

INCREDIBLE to see - what a project!

faeyh said...

I would love to hear more about the tree planting.
What type of frame are they planted in?
What about the weight, isn't that an issue?
I am speechless and so impressed!!!

Unknown said...

That's a full day's work! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Shady Gardener said...

Are These YOURS???? That was an amazing endeavor!! :-)

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