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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Three daylily flowers, picked in the morning, rinsed carefully because the petals are crisp and crack easily, refrigerated until later that same day for a special treat. Remove stamens and pistil before rinsing.
Place gingerly in crystal stemware, scoop in some raspberry or strawberry sorbet, and top with minced red basil, plus more for garnish. Oohs and Aahs. you're a genius, and such hard work!Use wild or cultivated flowers, ones that you're sure haven't been sprayed, and nothing from the roadside where they've been absorbing exhaust fumes. Daylily flowers are edible though some varieties are more flavorful than others. Usually the aroma will guide you to the best flavors.
Basil and fruit sorbet is a tasty combination.
Yesterday in the New York Times Magazine my favorite food writer Mark Bittman showed recipes for ice pops with various herbs and flavorings. I've been doing this for years, sometimes for kids using paper or plastic cups, and sticking a plastic spoon in the sorbet after it's semi-frozen. Here Lucy extracts a watermelon pop from a plastic cup after holding her hands around the outside for a few seconds to release the ice.

The watermelon was going begging in our house because it was not flavorful. So we cut it off the rind and in chunks, whipped it briefly in the food processor with added sugar, lemon juice and a grind of pepper and poured it into plastic cups. Also resurrect other fruits like limp strawberries or mealy peaches, adding water in the same quantity as fruit.

Hey Lucy, she likes it!


Shady Gardener said...

Something pretty and yummy for everyone!! :-) Daylily desserts... I'm not sure Mr. Shady would go for it.

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Shady Lady, A guy, maybe like Mr. Shady, came to my roof garden for cocktails last eve along with some other people. He wondered why I had put that "daisy" on top of the tapanade spread. I explained the daisy was a calendula aka pot marigold, an edible flower put there to set off the brown color of the tapanade. He was satisfied with the explanation but didn't want to taste the flower.
Those who don't want to taste the daylilys, I'll bet will still lap up the sorbet.

Unknown said...

How beautiful, I am so going to use this next time I serve ice cream or such....thanks!

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