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Monday, August 15, 2011

two blocks in Brooklyn

I wasn't looking for it. I got off the C train and walked up Washington Street en route to a Brooklyn play date. When what to my wondering eyes did appear...

House after house, yard after yard, impressed me with plant choice and container combinations. And talk about making the most of a small space!

It wasn't all good.

You know how I feel about red mulch.

I know they're doing good work (it's a soup kitchen) but really...plastic daffodils?

But some of it was great!

This sign explained some of the horticultural dedication. Perhaps the community garden vibe overflows out and onto the sidewalks of Washington Avenue. Whatever the reason, I was impressed and delighted. Go Brooklyn.


Sara... in Brooklyn said...

Brooklyn thanks you!

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Love all the green. It's so pleasing to the eye and looks very fresh.

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