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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Again, The High Line. Endlessly fascinating in every season. Join me on a trip to a hidden spot smack in the middle of Manhattan. See it before the third section, the Spur over the Hudson rail yards, is rehabbed.

to view full screen, click on arrow, then on cluster of four tears, near bottom right of video.To hear my glorious narration, make sure your sound is ON.

AFTER, on the second section, between 20th and 30th sts.


Geraldine said...

Looks like a wonderful transformation is in progress!

roughterrain crane said...

Good afternoon.
Very beautiful autumn colors.

Ellen Spector Platt said...

John M. writes from Wales:JUST SETTLED DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO WITH POPCORN. and it was  all over with just the intro boohoo.

loved the pin oak story

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