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Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've been picking a crop of lettuce that self-seeded when I failed to rip out the tired plants July 2011. The lettuce went to seed, germinated and produced small leaves by Sept., then wintered over. It's a special treat to have free salads now.
A River Birch has just turned its fall color, beautiful in October, but in June. One of my hydrangeas was also crying out "LN, LN". Investigation showed that the tap to the automatic drip system had been shut off by person or persons unknown. The tap now has full body armor and the birch has started to drop all of it's leaves. I'm hoping it will re-leaf to get it through the rest of the summer.
One of my three Montauk daisies, usually the last perennial to bloom in my garden each October, is bursting into full bloom. It probably thinks that the pathetic season we went through in January and February was spring. After it finishes blooming I'll cut it back and hope for re-bloom in fall. Something strange is also happening in my boxes of annuals. Yes I knew my Calabrachoa had over-wintered for the first time in history, but now strange leaves are appearing both here and in the base of the flowering plum trees. My best guess is that a stealth gardener has planted pumpkin seeds. I'll leave them alone to see what happens.


Ellen Zachos said...

Did you use ornamental gourds to decorate last fall? I've had seeds from gourds germinate in spring. Or maybe someone tossed a leftover piece of cucumber or zucchini after dinner al fresco.

Frank said...

I have a lot of fall blooming asters. Some are blooming now. Autumn in June?

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Yes Frank, I'm the bubbe asking oy vey, but what will we do in Autumn?

Ellen Spector Platt said...

EZ, I used miniature and medium pumpkins as decorations last fall, but not in those particular containers. I'm thinking some johnny-pumpkin-seed was having some fun.

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