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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Last night I was one of the exhibiting artists at the Haym Salomon Arts Award a citywide competition for New York artists from non-profits who support and teach visual arts.  The theme of the exhibit this year was Visions of a Greener World. My collage "Water Lily Dreams"was nominated by the gallery DownstairsArt at the Carter Burden Center where I sometimes show my work.
My own inspirations were photos I took at Longwood Gardens of the underside of the giant leaves and paper that Annabelle Platt had created in a painting session we had, that I begged to use. The other stuff in the collage are found objects, some copper wire snatched from the street, gold foil from a fancy chocolate bar, and a green plastic folder languishing in my office. Even the frame was recycled from another project.
The complete collage is simple and subtle in tone: I was satisfied with the results and photographed it for my new book, Artful Collage from Found Objects, Stackpole Books, 2012. Note that the curve at the top is the same image as just below, though printed smaller and reversed. 

I gazed at the collage on my wall for about three months, then added some color by way of two pink water lily flowers photographed at another time and place. With collage, it's often easy to add, but hard to undo.
 Artist, Ellen Spector Platt at the Haym Salomon Arts Award Ceremony, July 18, 2012
To purchase the book with complete directions to make 46 collages from found materials, click on the book icon atop the column top left, 'We Recommend' .


Whitney said...

You're a very good artist :)

Shady Gardener said...

So creative and attractive!! Way to go - and thanks for the sharing.

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