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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


At the 30th Annual wreath show at The Arsenal Gallery in Central Park  are 41 wreaths of the most nontraditional sort. Above, "Joy to the Whirl" by Denise Corley (wire, parchment and gouache).
"If You Walked in My Shoes... You Would Know" by Vivian Jett, Willie Serrano, Desiree Pabon, and Karen Gripper of the Brownsville Rec center (shoes, wood frame, shoe laces, shoe polish, glitter, shoe horn, fabric). Written pieces on the soles of the shoes.
 "The Almond Villager Wreath" by Leonora Retsas (whole almond shells collected from grandparent's farm in Greece). Perfectly simple, perfectly evocative. Other Ellen, FYI, these are for sale.
 Ed Gormley "Yetz is Ze Tzeit to Essen" (Chinese take-out boxes, aluminum rivets, wire, plywood). I'd like it better if the containers were recycled, not new.
See the whole exhibit FREE Mon- Fri until Jan10, closed holidays.


Ellen Spector Platt said...

Leila wrote: Loved today’s blog. I am sure you know the caption for the last wreath is “Now is the time to eat”. I think a translation for some of your fans would be a nice addition.

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Well Leila, I got the 'essen' part, but thanks for the full translation.
And for me, now is always the time to eat,unfortunately.

Leeann said...

While I might not feature these wreaths on my door, I just love the creativity and concept. I especially like the eating out/take out boxes! Thank you.

Leila said...

Ellen, not to woory, on you it looks good.

Leila said...

O.K., that was supposed to be "worry". Guess I should have previewed my comment.

Unknown said...
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