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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Around NYC we're desperate for a sign of spring. Yes, there have been sightings of witch hazel blooms at the NY Botanical Garden and snowdrops on Abbie Zabar's terrace but I want my own signs, closer to home. On my 18th floor roof garden I seek and find.
Above, real flower buds of  Hellebores, the lenten rose, tucked deep in a container, preparing for the start of Lent next week.
Buds are starting to form on the pussy willow tree propagated from one stick, rooted in water six years ago and shoved in a container outdoors. The tree is ready for its spring pruning.
 In my apartment, the new prunings stand in a vase of warm water, giving me pleasure as the buds enlarge and mature. These  stems will root and be ready for transplanting anywhere I chose, the grandchildren of my first NYC grocery store bunch of pussy willow.
Spring is on its way.


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Anna and Vibeke

Leeann said...

It must be the romantic in me - but I've loved the snow and cold this year- despite all the war-mongering media coverage -- it's winter - and a very pretty one indeed. That out of the way -- I love your pretty pussy willows & how you defied the odds to grow it. Plus the promise of spring -- the next season is so exciting. Hope you got my email and link from my blog to your book review on my Garden Glamour blog: http://gardenglamour-duchessdesigns.blogspot.com/2014/02/artful-collage-from-found-objects.html


Ellen Spector Platt said...

Yes, thanks for the mention Leeann.

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