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Thursday, February 14, 2013


The latest blizzard forced me to flee Boston, abandon the New England Grows wholesale garden trade show, a Garden Writers meeting and my book-signing demo at the Andover Bookstore. All were cancelled because of this latest force of nature.
On my return to NYC I head out in the fresh snow to check on my own plants and those in a one block radius of my home (all I could manage before the sidewalks were shoveled).

I see my surroundings with fresh eyes.  It had been bitterly cold; above, the coral bark Japanese maple (Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku') had turned, of all things, bright coral, something I wait for all year. Then the snow dust highlighted the color against the brick of my building where I had sited it.
The conifers in my roof garden looked particularly handsome,
while a block away, heavy snow on this yew tried to impede the progress of every passerby. I had never noticed this shrub before, yew being my least favorite evergreen. Now I was forced to pay attention.
And in the always serene garden of All Souls Unitarian Church, the snow highlighted a grouping of three wise men I hadn't seen before.
Leaving the garden, yet another enhanced site, the welcoming arch and gate, propped open even at 7am when I went out to photograph.
 And on my way home, more metal with snow.


Karen Chapman said...

I really felt for you when I heard the forecast! So much work....

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Thanks Karen,I'm thinking, not too many snow emergencies where you live.

Geraldine said...

You've had quite the winter! Hopefully spring will arrive soon in full force, with warm weather and sunny skies. You've earned it. :<)

Ellen Spector Platt said...

I've uncovered my tree wells and tulip leaves are pushing up, so spring is almost here, though a new storm predicted for this week when I'll be speaking at the Philly Flower Show.

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