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Thursday, April 25, 2013


I  bought and planted tulip bulbs Oct.'12 then promptly forgot what I had ordered. Rather than paw through my files I waited to see what would emerge. Turns out they were a rather dull, pale yellow;  I found it hard to believe that I had chosen such an insipid color.
But wait, after a week, the color started to turn, 'Daydreamer' Giant Darwin Hybrids in their full glory. The original color was paler than the stem on the left below; the color deepens as the flower matures giving each container a riotous look.
I have 7 containers on my roof garden, splashy enough to attract attention.
Purple and orange seems to be my theme this year, as the Muscari bloom in the tree pits along with pansies, daffs, and more tulips.
And around the neighborhood in my favorite window boxes, another designer chose Ranunculus and pansies...
and another gardener with hyacinths to enhance the front door color.
I hope none of these get ripped out, like four plants at my bus stop, below. This building opted to plant full pots of spring bulbs already in flower, not fall bulbs whose roots might grip the soil making it harder for thieves.
Back to my 'Daydreamer' on the roof with sumac 'Tiger Eye' waiting to leaf out.


BFF Nana said...

How beautiful. Will any of this still be in bloom when I come to check out the roof garden at the end of May?

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Nana, all of the spring bulbs will be long gone in the end of May, think wisteria and roses in NYC.

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