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Thursday, May 2, 2013


No better way to spend a perfect spring day than in Central Park with a camera, a fine photo instructor and an enthusiastic class mate. We started at the Tavern-on-the-Green, now under total restoration but scheduled to reopen as a restaurant fall, '13, and meandered North and East from there, stopping at whatever trees caught our attention.
When I shoot in NYC I love to incorporate urban and pastoral elements.
This maple in flower sparkled, but the Leafsnap ap on my Iphone couldn't decide whether it was a Norway, silver or Japanese maple among other options. Some help!
 Early morning, sundown and overcast days may give you the best colors with fewers reflections, but sometimes life happens in midday sunshine.
A close-up is one way to avoid glare. This bark image will surely emerge in one of my collages.
We couldn't decide whether this specimen was late in leafing or dead. And yes, the sky was really that color.
The duck cooperated by swimming right into the reflection of the small crabapple.
Instructor Rich P. has Central Park birds well trained for his students to capture.
Outdoors at the Boathouse Cafe, with a table to act as my tripod, these spring colors.
Crabapples everywhere as I walk home schlepping camera gear. Forsythia is fading, magnolias have shed their petals, next up for bloom, crape myrtle.
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Unknown said...

You are such a romantic....enjoyed your view of NYC spring!

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Betsy wrote me:Well I failed again at posting a comment!
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed see in your beautiful pictures. I love seeing NYC in the spring.I especially liked the tree trunk that your creative eye captured so well. Such lovely colors and texture.I'm fascinated to see what it will become in your hands.
I'm not sure what I have done to annoy Google, who I like very much, but they seem very unforgiving!!
Do I take this personally? Of course!!

BFF Nana said...

No comment about the couple who you captured in the final photo?? I am also looking forward to the appearance of the bark in one of your collages.

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