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Thursday, May 9, 2013


If you live, work or drive on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, you already have a love/hate relationship with the 2nd Ave. Subway. Groundbreaking for the project started six years ago; the completion date keeps moving back, as residents and businesses contend with noise, dirt, dislocation and customers who stay away in droves.
As we walked down Second last Sat. morning taking the torturous path around construction walls, I was charmed by this sight.
Firenze, making the best of a bad situation, is growing a garden on the chain-link construction fence, just on the other side of the sidewalk in front of their restaurant. The entrance itself is flanked by larger, showy containers of annuals.
The next evening found me at a table for two enjoying a delightful chicken with artichokes in saffron sauce with impeccably fresh vegetables while my BFF devoured a pasta special. Reasonable prices, attentive service, interesting menu choices, noise level that actually allows you to hold a conversation, charming atmosphere, all are worthy of a second visit. I went originally because of the flowers, but will return for the food. 1594 2nd Ave between 82nd & 83rd.
All praise to Manuel Caisaguano, the owner of Firenze who designed and planted this urban garden.
But note that between my first view on Sat. morning (three pictures avove this) and my visit the following eve, the top row of plants were changed from dwarf conifers to more annuals. I'll have to solve this mystery.


Ellen Zachos said...

I think they're using silverware holders for dish drainers to hold the plants! Could it be?

Ellen Spector Platt said...

I think you're right.

BFF Nana said...

What a wonderful way for you to thank another urban gardener. I look forward to eating there.

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