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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I went looking for Spring at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Sure I had to deliver my collage to their art show, Visions of Nature, hanging until March 8th in the Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery.
But I NEEDED signs of SPRING and went searching for them at the BBG.


 Nandina provides a shot of color but no feeling of spring.
 A hint of a promise, a slight swelling of the magnolia buds.


The paths are perfectly plowed, black ice coated with sand. I have the garden almost to myself.
I'm starting to appreciate this winter thing.

Lurking in the background of this image of crab apples remaindered from fall, is the Brooklyn Museum of Art which adjoins the Garden. As I attempt to take photos with my smart phone, messages pop up three separate times begging me to come to the museum. THE NERVE! I have to stop paying attention to the garden and photography and three times delete their messages. I should have marched right in, demanded to speak to the PR director and ranted. But my feet were cold.


Ellen Zachos said...

Wow! That's insidious. Do you have your geolocation on or off?

Ellen Spector Platt said...

On. I thought it's for my convenience, not for some other entity to invade my privacy. I see I'm wrong.

BFF Nana said...

You, cold feet??? You have got to be kidding. (O.K., maybe literally but certainly not metaphorically speaking!)

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