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Sunday, March 16, 2014


On E. 86th St in Manhattan, a new yoga studio Pure, with the first vertical garden I spied in the city. Astounding in 2008.
But within a year, the dreaded scaffolding went up to allow workers to check the mortar of the brick building above, as required by law. Not surprisingly, within three months of all shade, most of the plants had died.
Two years after planting, this sign still gave me hope of a resurrection.

But yesterday...

6 1/2 years after initial planting, same building, same Pure Yoga Studio, more scaffolding.  I was told by the guy at the desk that a permanent wood sign would be going up, it's too cold in NYC for outdoor plants. Ya think?


BFF Nana said...

As always, a wonderful photographer and writer but not so great speller. That's Natural not "Natuaral". So how come you beat me so often at Words With Friends??

Ellen Spector Platt said...

OK, wise guy, I changed the spelling of Natuaral.

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