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Friday, April 11, 2014


above, view of the Exeter River from a trail behind my apartment

 NEWS FLASH: Ellen Spector Platt, now living in an apartment complex in Exeter NH,  with favorite guy Ben Platt.  Still gardening in a limited space. Now instead of 85 containers on an 18th story roof garden in NYC, I've been allotted a barely raised 3' X 6' bed, NOT NEARLY ENOUGH SPACE for one who once farmed three acres of flowers and herbs.
I'll have to find ways to expand. I'll try in order: asking for more space, wheedling, begging, maybe not bribing, but certainly surreptitious planting if I have to.
In the meanwhile, the woods are full of emerging sights very un-NYC-like.
 The pussywillow stems that I cut from my rooftop garden in the city and schlepped here well wrapped are happily rooting in water in NH  awaiting their new homes. Down by the Exeter river in the lead picture? It's only about 2 blocks down the trail from my home.... oops, they don't measure distance in blocks here.


Ellen Zachos said...

I know several people in Exeter who would be happy to take advantage of your gardening skills!

Ellen Spector Platt said...

would their names start with Sarah and Anne by any chance?

Leeann said...

Did you move for good or I'd nh your country house? Looks beautiful. And with raised beds, containers , window boxes, pots in trees- you'll be in garden heaven.

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Yes, moved for good. Exeter is my city now, about 15K pop. instead of 8.4 M.But a girl can grow stuff anywhere.

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