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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Rhubarb in my new raised bed in New Hampshire today on April 16th; it also snowed in the NYC overnight I hear tell, a record snow fall in both places for the date. 
The rhubarb crop, one of my faves, was planted by a previous gardener who had been using this plot. I've had legal opinions from a retired judge in Mass, a former lawyer in NH, and a highly opinionated gardener in NYC, Other Ellen by name, who are unanimous. 
 None of the three recused herself, despite two being dear friends and one being a dear daughter. This year's harvest belongs to me, ESP. As are the flowers of the evening primrose, emerging on the right.
As are this year's cuttings of chives. Greedy, greedy me


Ellen Zachos said...

Curious to see what else comes up in the plot.

BFF Nana said...

Just remember that the "law" requires sharing that rhubarb when it is ready to be eaten!

Hilda Morrill said...

All kinds of treasures* await you. (*Well, we hope they are treasures.)

Sam said...

Surprises in the garden are rarely pleasant (more often than not, it's a surprise visitor from pests) so be sure to cherish it! I'm curious as well what else comes up. Happy gardening!

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