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Sunday, May 4, 2014


By the edge of the woods, the spring ephemerals are coming into bloom. Last Wednesday, a solitary Trout Lily was closed in the rain. Three days later I spied masses in full bloom.
Fiddleheads pop up everywhere.
And Marsh Marigolds burst open in the wetlands.
A few shy Wood Anemones enchant me.
But oh, how I miss the bright lights of New York.

Above, the start of my latest collage using pieces of photos I took at night in the City and found papers. Click on image to enlarge.


Ellen Zachos said...

It's a gorgeous collage, but I LOVE me some spring ephemerals.

BFF Nana said...

Adore the new collage and glad the spring ephemerals are enchanting you!

sc said...

Oh, Ellen, I have so enjoyed your NY posts from over here on the left coast (wishing I could visit NY)! I am an art and nature girl so now I am enjoying your new location since I would love to visit New England too! Spring "ephemerals" are new to me - so lovely!! and the collage is terrific - wonderful city energy! - especially glad I enlarged it and could read the graffiti - so funny! Well done!

Ellen Spector Platt said...

SC, we welcome left coast girls in the east; don't even need a passport.

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