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Friday, March 11, 2011


left, Burpee Greenhouse planted with zinnia seeds.

SORRY. KITS ALL GONE. Nina got the last one; she's new to NYC, so we're glad we could welcome her. Read below to see what you missed.
Courtesy of Burpee Gardening, we're offering FREE twelve Burpee Greenhouses so you can start your seeds indoors. RIGHT NOW is the right time for starting most seeds indoors in New York. This greenhouse fits on a windowsill and gets your seeds off to a nice start. It has 36 individual cells, a tray to catch the water run-off, a plastic dome, compressed soilless mix capsules, plus instructions on how to plant. You provide the seeds and water.
We have twelve greenhouses to give away.
Contact esp@ellenspectorplatt.com/ to insure you are one of the winners. Readers in the 5 boroughs will pick up their Burpee Greenhouse from my doorman. We'll ship free to readers in other parts of the U.S.above, when seedlings reach the roof, remove it.
Although I had grown marigolds, zinnias and cosmos since childhood using Burpee seeds, it wasn't until I started my flower and herb farm in the mid-80's that I realized that if I wanted a plant that was even slightly unusual in height, color, or variety, I must start with seed. I couldn't begin to afford all the plants I needed for a farm even if I would have found the plants, so by necessity I learned that even perennials are easy to start.

Go have yourself some fun.

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