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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Prune the roses. Done.
Cut the Montauk daisies (above) back to the fresh green leaves. Done.
Enjoy the pansies that have wintered over. Done.
Watch the buds forming on the dwarf quince planted last spring. Done
Admire the daffodils planted on the roof last fall. Done.
Greet the biennial hollyhocks, planted indoors from seed last year, now reappearing in healthy green clumps. Done. I expect BIG FLOWERS this year.

Must Do in the Next Two Days:

Order pansies and plant them in treewells.(Here I'm vying with Other Ellen for most glamorous gardening pose.)
Plant out chive seedlings, growing on my windowsill since early Feb.
Nip tips of zinnia seedlings on my windowsill, planted for a demo in early Feb. and now much too big to wait for May frost date.
Pull out last year's annuals.
Watch for self-sown California poppies from last year's crop.Clean around the day lilies.
Thin bachelor buttons which have self-seeded from two years ago.Cut back the cinqfoil, lavenders, hydrangea and butterfly bush.Clean out tool shed.
Distribute homemade compost.
Work on a new collage.Write two pages of my new book.


Georgia said...

Please tell us more about the book!

Ellen Spector Platt said...

Georgia, how can I resist? A new how-to book called "Artful Collage: Recyle,Repurpose,Reuse", using mostly my own work as examples, pub. date fall of 2012. "Room with a View" seen above uses torn, recycled papers, 2 buttons from my button box and two used stirring sticks from the coffee shop.

ajlounyinjurylaw said...
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Shady Gardener said...

How about your vine? Apios Americana? I've just watered and set mine outdoors in the sunshine.

Ellen Zachos said...

Hi Shady,

My Apios isn't up yet, either. Spring is taking its time here and I'm finding lots of stuff is late this year. Plus, Apios is late to emerge in spring anyway. Give it time, and keep us posted!

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